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Coaching Tools & Resources

Coach Training Alliance provides dedicated coaching tools and resources to make your journey to becoming a coach a success. Whether you’re just starting out and exploring how to build your coaching practice or have a lucrative practice in place, our hands-on self-study coaching tools will help you develop and grow your client portfolio.

Gaining credibility as a coach and earning higher fees for your coaching services are our prerogative. With our wide array of coaching tools, you’ll find out whether you’re targeting the right clientele, how to accelerate your growth as a coach, and how to setup your practice for performance.

Exploring Coaching

The Best Selling Coaches Handbook

As amazing as this sounds you can make a great living helping others succeed. Coaching has quickly become a well-respected and well-paying profession.

Learning the ins and outs of this incredible field is the key. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a personal guide and mentor to walk you through the steps of becoming a coach?

Well, you do now.

You have not one… but TEN successful coaches and mentors presenting the experience you’ve been waiting for… a guided tour and the inside scoop on Coaching and Mentoring. Get straight talk from full-time coaches making a great living helping others (and themselves) succeed in a big way!

Download Exploring Coaching right now for just $9.95!

The Sage and Scholar’s Guides™