There Are 4 Kinds of Business Coaches. Find Out Which One You Need

There Are 4 Kinds of Business Coaches. Find Out Which One You Need

“Maybe, if it’s the boss who is becoming the weak link when trying to figure out critical issues.”

Three years after launching his Denver-based business, Transcription Outsourcing, in 2010, CEO Ben Walker wanted to add employees and move to a larger space. But there was a big obstacle: him. “I needed a sounding board, someone with a lot of experience I could talk through my challenges, and who had helped other companies,” he says.

In 2014, through friends’ recommendations, he met Bill Treadwell, a local executive coach in his mid-70s. The two communicated easily, and Walker hired him. Soon, Walker was huddling for a couple of hours once a month with Treadwell for a flat fee. What ensued were assignments of books to read, heavy scrutinizing of financial statements, analysis of expenses and elimination of unnecessary ones, and advice on how to better interact with his team. By early 2015, Walker had reduced expenses 35 percent and improved the employee retention rate. “My coach has had an incredible effect on the bottom line and overall office morale,” he says. Transcription Outsourcing’s 2015 revenue beat the previous year’s by 30 percent. Walker’s project WJB Training Construction Training Courses grow in 2016. “What’s even better than his still being my coach”–they now work more by phone and email–“is that he’s become a friend and a mentor,” he says. That won’t happen with every coach. And you’ll need to vet candidates carefully–there are varying certifications. But the first question is: What are you trying to fix? Follow this guide. Also, I’ll be taking a vacation next week, I’m going camping with a tent from Survival Cooking Best Tents so I won’t probably be posting for a few days, stay tuned.

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Success Strategies for Coaching Professionals

Success Strategies for Coaching Professionals

by Dave Krueger M.D.

Coaching is only beginning to be discovered by professionals in legal, financial, medical, and architectural arenas. These practicing professionals tend to be highly and specifically trained at what they do, think rigorously and want active collaboration.

They have in common a career dedicated to a body of knowledge, with clients or patients who come to them for the sole purpose of purchasing their expertise. Their precise training solves specialized problems of medical illness, emotional struggles, legal issues or tax matters.

Coaching professionals offers unique opportunities and challenges. They can benefit from coaching to:

  • Know themselves better
  • Understand the dynamics of human behavior
  • Pursue personal development as vigorously as they pursue professional advancement
  • Transition from work ethic to performance ethic
  • Emotionally and strategically manage career transitions
  • Market their expertise and business

Coaching this unique brand of client requires an in-depth look at the coaching theory and application that is useful for professionals. Get inside your client’s head to catalyze change and discover the most powerful and effective secret we have as coaches.

David Krueger, MD , is a Trainer/Mentor Coach and Dean of Curriculum at Coach Training Alliance. His latest book, The Secret Language of Money (McGraw Hill) is a Business Bestseller translated into 10 languages. 

Your organization excels when its employees are at their best!

Your organization excels when its employees are at their best!

In addition to our programs for individuals who want to go out on their own as professional coach, we also have programs for companies. Explore how CTA can create customized workshops, provide basic training for front line managers, train internal coaches and prepare emerging leaders to meet the demands of the modern day workplace.

Discover how organizational coaching can contribute significantly to your corporate goals. When employees are coached internally - they thrive, find more satisfaction and are empowered to advance their knowledge, becoming more valuable to the organization.

Imagine what a coaching culture can bring to your organization.

Coach Training Alliance is a leading global coaching organization. Our International Coaching Federation certified programs, courses and workshops create positive change that delivers long-lasting impact.

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